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This section contains technical information, engineering formulas, data, and other useful information regarding perforated metals. This information is the generally accepted industry standard that can be used as a guideline. Hendrick Manufacturing routinely exceeds these specifications. The following infromation is for our standard sunshades; Corvo & Piana.

Corvo Sunshades Technical Information
Corvo Sunshade on Steel Substrate
Corvo Sunshade on Lintel
Corvo Sunshade on Block Substrate
Corvo Sunshade on Curtainwall
3 Part Spec Standard Corvo
Corvo Installation & Warranty
Piana Sunshade on Steel Substrate
Piana Sunshade on Lintel
Piana Sunshade on Block Substrate
Piana Sunshade on Curtainwall
3 Part Spec Standard Piana
Piana Installation & Warranty
Vertical Sunshades
Vertical Sunshades Round Tube Style
Additional Tools
Open Area Calculator for Perforated Metal
Sunshade Testing Data
Shading Coefficient Tools
Custom Sunshades

Misc. Gallery

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