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We can supply complete Submittal Packages and Shop Drawings, that include elevations, erection plans and installation details for specifier approval and to assist installation.


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AutoCAD Drawing Tool

This program allows you to draw perforated panels to your specification in your AutoCad program. Download and Save

  1. Run setup file from your hard drive. Install in C:\program files\hedrick perf tools.
  2. If the program tells you that you do not have a compatible version of autocad, follow the next steps…
    • In autocad's command line, type the command 'appload'
    • In the file drop down, go to the “C:\program files\hendrick perf tools and click on the file draw-perf.VLX file. And click the load button.
    • This will then show up in the “loaded applications” window below.
    • At this time, you can either hit close to only run this program in the current session of autocad, or you can click on the “contents” button in the startup suite. Click the “add” button. Once again, find the file the same way as in step 3b and click the add button. You will see the file name in the “list of applications”. Hit close. This will make the program run automatically every time you start autocad. That way all you have to do is type the command to bring it up as explained in step 4.
    • Close out of the Load/unload applications window.
  3. To run the program, type “drawperf” in the autocad command line and hit enter. The program window comes up as it would if you were running it from the older versions of autocad.

Note: Requires AutoCad R2000 or higher. Please close your Autocad program prior to download.

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