Perforated Metal Signs

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Perforated Metal Signs

Product Overview

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Perforated Metal Signs & Custom Metal Signs

Perforated Metal Signs

Perforated Metal Sign
  • Perforated Metal Sign
  • Perforated Metal Sign

Hendrick Architectural Products offers perforated metal signs and custom metal signs for indoor or outdoor use.

Architects and business owners come to Hendrick with their designs, knowing the end product will exceed their expectations. Hendrick is a leader in the manufacturing of custom signage.

A high level of customization is available with different metals, open areas, and a variety of perforation patterns, which include:

• Diamond
• Hexagon
• Round
• Slot
• Square
• Triangle
• Other decorative and custom laser cut designs

Hendrick can produce perforated metal signs and custom metal signs, complete with company logos and images incorporated within the custom metal signage.

Start to bring your vision to life! Click here to send us a message or give us a call at (877) 840-0881 to discuss your perforated metal sign or custom metal sign today.

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