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Grating & Grilles

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Grating & Grilles

Grating & Grilles

Profile Bar Drain Covers
  • Tree Grating
  • Fountain Covers

Metal grating and grilles from Hendrick Architectural Products are durable, customizable panels intended for use in Entrance Mats, Ventilation Grilles, HVAC Vent Covers, Trench Grating, Trench Grate, Foot Grilles, Fountain Covers, Ventilation Grating, Trench Drain Grates, Revolving Door Grating and Pool Drains.

Hendrick can offer profile wire in our proprietary profile bar and resistance welded wire based on architects' custom designs for a variety of stainless steel applications and requirements. We have a large variety of metals, bar designs, styles, and dimensions available to make your new system function seamlessly while adding a dash of style to the surroundings.

The potential uses are numerous, and include such things as:

  1. Entrance mats, foot grilles, and revolving door grating to keep pedestrians safe in slick walking conditions;
  2. Curved tree grating to protect the bases of trees;
  3. Pool drains and fountain grating to effectively manage water flows;
  4. Speaker grilles to ensure superior sound quality;
  5. HVAC vent covers or ventilation grilles for a smooth ventilation system.

Hendrick has years of experience fulfilling architectural designs and installing these types of grilles and stainless steel grating according to their requirements. We work with the best metal suppliers in the industry to ensure our perforated metal panels are made from the highest-quality materials that our customers expect. Our engineers and technicians are trained in the latest innovations and utilize specialized technologies, including precision laser systems for cutting and perforating metal consistently and efficiently. Hendrick also has several online tools that can be used for previewing the types of styles and dimensions we offer for grating and grilles.

For all your stainless steel grating and grille needs, contact Hendrick Architectural Products to get more information about how to meet your specific goals. You can either reach us by phone, or by filling out this simple online form.

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