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Metal Infill Panels

Perforated Infill Panels

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Standard and custom metal infill panels from Hendrick help bring your vision to life.

Perforated metal infill panels and wire screen infill panels give balconies, stairways, railings, ceilings, and walls memorable style, while meeting building code specifications. We work with a large variety of metals and materials, including aluminum and stainless steel. The screen panels are offered in profile bar and v-wire construction for added flexibility when designing and fabricating custom infill panels. To meet your aesthetic and functional demands, the perforated infill panels and wire screen infill panels are available in an endless number of styles, patterns, sizes, colors, and finishes.

Our laser technology allows us to fashion infill panels with lettering, logos, graphics, or other unique designs. Architects frequently turn to us for the high level of precision and craftsmanship they’ve come to expect from our engineers and fabricators.

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Perforated Metal Handbook:

Perforated Metal Handbook


Cladding Brochure:

Cladding Brochure


Architectural Brochure:

Architectural Brochure


Grating Brochure:

Grating Brochure


Grating Cut Sheet:

Grating Cut Sheet


Landscape Brochure:

Landscape Brochure


Sunshade Brochure:

Sunshade Brochure


Column Cover Brochure:

Column Cover Brochure


Vents & Grilles:

Vents & Grilles


Trench Grates:

Trench Grates


Tree Grates:

Tree Grates


Profile Bar with SlipNot:

Profile Bar with SlipNot


Corrugated Sell Sheet:

Corrugated Sell Sheet


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